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Schechner & Associates

For over 30 years, Schechner & Associates has exceeded our clients’ creative expectations. We use our creativity, experience, and most importantly, our conceptual approach, to bring ideas to life that make your business stand out. Choreography of your entire visual marketing presentation is the goal of art direction. Schechner & Associates specializes in art direction, graphic design and illustration, with a personalized approach to developing and executing your total campaign or project.


Chris Schechner has been an art director, designer and illustrator for over 40 years. He brings a conceptual and personal approach to clients’ projects that he developed through ad agency, printing company and not-for-profit positions. He uses this experience to create art that is not only visually arresting, but which produces results.

Mardie Slocum has worked with Schechner & Associates for over 20 years. Her talent for eclectic concepts in print and web design, along with a keen wit, adds valuable dimension to our capabilities. She is currently a principal with Mardie and Chris Creative, a subsidiary of Schechner & Associates, which manages Wonky Press, a greeting card company at

Cheryl Hood is an award-winning marketing consultant in print and electronic media with over 25 years of experience. At Schechner & Associates, Cheryl utilizes her strength in media, events, and commercial production to truly understand client desires and provide solutions that bring results.

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Schechner & Associates is a full service graphic design and illustration studio. You can reach us at 972-907-9300 or by email at

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